Thursday, March 2, 2017


Pay off credit cards.
Go to the gym.
Look into more schooling.
Eat less meat.
Do little things around the house.
Read 20 books.

Pay off credit cards. Getting there! Made considerable progress on this in February. And I am *actually* scheduled for orientation for a travel agency.

Go to the gym. Nope. I sucked at this in February. Absolutely terrible.

Look into more schooling. I can officially scratch this off my list. I am not going to go back to school for my masters right now. I am pretty burnt out on school as it is and I would rather pay off the student loans I already have.

Eat less meat. I've actually done pretty well here too. I had a couple bad bites of chicken that have totally turned me off to eating it. And I've been making Scout and Watson chicken thighs to go with their regular dog food and it has really grossed me out.

Do little things around the house. I cleaned up my office. And tidied up the unfinished side of the basement. And I took out all of the dead plants from the flower pots on the deck. I have quite a few plans for planting this year! I think Logan is going to help me make a raised garden to put out on the patio - going to plant some vegetables and hopefully have a bountiful little garden. Or it will tank like most of my plants last year.

Read 20 books. I'm on track. I've gotten pretty into the books I have read so far this year. I have been trying to get some of my books on my to-read list crossed off before adding MORE books to my to-read list.

If I had to describe February in one sentence it would be "In February, I spent more time at the dentist than in the last 3 years combined." Now, that's not because I haven't gone to the dentist regularly. I literally went in for a routine check up and cleaning. Then the next week I went and got a couple cavities filled. Then the next week I went in for an Invisalign consultation. That's right folks, The Rachies is getting her crooked chompers fixed up! They were a little concerned that I would need a "t-rex appliance" to help widen my upper mouth (which was going to cost EVEN MORE money - like, almost $2K more), but they called me a couple days after the consultation and said I was a candidate for invisalign, wouldn't need the extra appliance and they could order my invisalign treatment right away. I *might* have to wear rubberbands on my invisalign appliance to straighten out my cross-bite. Hello, speech impediment! Goodbye jaw popping, teeth grinding, crooked nightmare!

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  1. My list is similar to yours except I don't have 20 books to read. The size of the books that I read are quite lengthy, so at one a month I might be able to do 12 if I did nothing else. Glad to hear that you're getting some dental work done after years of not visiting the dentist. I hope Invisalign works well for you!