Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July! 1/2 the year is done and gone!

Lose weight.
Save more money.
Travel a little bit.
Grow something edible.
Read 15 books.

Lose weight - I'm sort of trying. I am trying. I'm just not trying as frequently as I should be. I really do want to do better. I just need to remind myself often and frequently and always that I didn't get to be this size and inactive overnight. I won't get to be a better size and more active overnight either. Slow and steady wins the race.

Save more money - I am still doing well with this. I put myself on another spending freeze outside of vacations. I am doing that for all of July and August also. And I keep putting 5% of what I spend into savings. Just chugging along!

Travel a little bit - Can I just say that I am so stoked that I have been able to travel more? One of my friends asked me about my marriage the other day (I've been divorced for since 2013). Sometimes I get bummed I'm divorced. Sometimes I get bummed I failed at something so huge. Sometimes I get angry that I was left with a hugely disproportionate amount of responsibility from my marriage. But then I recognize the things I have been able to do since my divorce and they are all things that I probably wouldn't get to do (definitely not as easily) if I was still married (at least if I was still married to that particular individual). In the 4 years I was married, I went on 3 vacations. One by myself to Alabama to visit my dad, one with him to Alabama to visit my dad, and one with his family to Boston. Which is fine. BUT SINCE I'VE BEEN DIVORCED, I HAVE BEEN ON SO MANY VACATIONS AND SEEN SO MUCH COOL STUFF. I have been to Texas, and Alabama (a few times), and Epcot in Florida, and New York, and Mexico, and Washington DC, and Tennessee, and Nebraska. I have been able to do these things with my friends and have had a blast every time. I have a couple more adventures in the mix for 2016 and another one when I graduate next May. HOLLER.

Grow something edible - Sooooo I tried. And Missouri weather screwed me bigtime. My plants were super flourishing. And then it rained a ton and my spinach croaked. And then it was a hot drought and my other plants got sad and almost died. Then last weekend it rained for about 50 hours straight and my dang plants flooded again. BUT I have been able to eat strawberries AND basil. AND peppermint. And the other mosquito-repelling plants have totally done a good job and I have been able to successfully repel those devil bugs!

Read 15 books - I am right on track! I am reading my first Stephen King book ever right now - 11/22/63. I didn't realize until I checked it from the library on my kindle that it was over 800 pages. I think the first 100 pages were a little slow, but it's starting to pick up and now I'm pretty into it. I think after this one I am going to finish the two I have started and am about 1/2 finished with. And then I need to get a beach read for Alabama even though I probably won't read much of it at all because I will have too much fun being with my friends and my cute as pie boyfriend.