Monday, November 6, 2017

Hello November!

Pay off credit cards.
Go to the gym.
Do little things around the house.
Read 20 books.

Pay off credit cards. Still chugging along. I tell you what, I will never never never let a credit card get the best of me ever ever ever again.

Go to the gym. So this slowed down the week before, the two weeks of, and the week after we went on vacation. I worked my butt off the week before we went on vacation, up until the day we left. I'm honestly surprised I didn't forget to pack something. While we were on vacation, we walked a TON (14 miles one day!) and I was not about that gym life while on vacation. The week after we got home I felt like absolute crap. My allergies/a cold got the best of me. But my first day off work that I didn't feel like crap I went. And I plan on going more and more.

Do little things around the house. Maybe I should make cleaning out my closet a thing to do before the new year. I did move my plants into the basement so they are somewhat protected. The downside is I didn't do it before my citronella plant died. So I have to figure out how to revive it. I did however buy an air purifier, which I think has made a difference in sitting around my house - cleaning up the allergens from the animals. Oh, and this kind of counts, but I am finally going to wrestle the cat into a carrier and get her to the vet this month.

Read 20 books. Well. Shoot. I have a few books to go and I just don't know if I will make it! I need to stop watching TV and pick up my books instead. I am currently in the process of reading THREE different books right now. My goal for November is to finish those three.

The year is almost over! In January I will get to look back at what I accomplished, what I still need to wrap up, and what I need to work on for 2018. Holy cow, time sure does fly.