Friday, January 1, 2016

Well, it's 2016.

The beginning of the new year means resetting. It means taking an opportunity to reflect on the previous years and for some of us, it means taking the opportunity to set goals for ourselves. They are all the same as they always and so many of us fail at what we are trying to resolve to fix. I know I did last year. I know I do every year. Whatever. The point is that we are at least taking the time to lie to ourselves. I would like the following resolutions to stick:

Lose weight.
Save more money.
Travel a little bit.
Grow something edible.
Read 15 books.

Lose Weight. I want to do this for so many reasons. I feel like I am seeming ungrateful for saying I'm unhappy with my body. I'm so grateful for my health. But I want to be confident in a sun dress in the summer. I want to enjoy the beach and not be worried about how fat I feel. I am going to try to hold myself accountable the old school way - gold stars. No joke. I am going to get a bunch of star stickers and deck out my kitchen calendar. A gold star for going to the gym and giving it my all. A blue star for drinking the recommended 2100mL of water a day. A red star for drinking my Shakeology drink daily. I want to be able to see my progress and when I slack. I want to take the time and give forth the energy it takes. I'm ready.

Save more money. Same shit, different day. I need to save more money. At the end of 2016, I want to have substantially more money in my savings account than I have now. I am going to "charge" myself 5% on everything I buy (outside of paying regular bills) for the entire year. I'm not buying any clothing for January or February (none). I'm going to use the library rather than buy any books (no buying books until my birthday!) I'm mad at myself for how poorly I did on this for 2015.

Travel a little bit. We are supposed to go on a good destination trip in March. Man, I hope it happens. I would like to do another trip in the fall and maybe a small trip in the winter. Of course, my destinations may be chosen based on how I did with saving more money.

Grow something edible. I'm actually really excited about this! Last summer I grew tomatoes. I didn't expect it to grow, let alone blossom and actually produce three little tomatoes - but it did! This year I think I will grow spinach. Just one big spinach plant in the red pot on the back deck.

Read 15 books. The thing about this is that I want to actually, really, truly like at least one book I read this year. I want to be *into* a book. I want to lose 1/2 a day reading a good book.

That's it. That's what i want to do in 2016. Let's kick ass and take names this year.