Tuesday, February 3, 2015

1 month down - progress!

1. Eat healthier, be more active, lose weight. Oof! I did really really good for 3 weeks. This last week has been really stressful (oh hello, excuse!), but I'm back on the healthy train. I read a blog once from a woman who lost a bunch of weight and started gravitating towards a healthier lifestyle. One of the things she wrote that really stuck with me is when you "break" your diet, you don't have to completely throw up your hands for the day/week/ever. You just need to recognize that you cheated (maybe badly), but dust yourself off and get back on the diet horse. I need to remember that. I also need to get to the gym more. It will be nice when the weather is better and I can walk with the dogs.

2. Read more. As fun as my 1400+ page pharmacology text book is, it is hardly motivating me to read more. I'll get there. I need to avoid pinterest before bed and instead pick up a good book. (I'm looking at you, Amy Poehler's memoir).

3. Save more money. I am doing pretty good at this! One of my goals to reach before my 30th birthday was to have my two credit cards paid off. I put the travel expenses for my birthday trip on my credit card and will have it paid in full before I fly to sunny Florida! I found a good money-saving/budgeting blog while perusing pinterst and one of the suggestions was a challenge - don't use credit cards for 90 days and put 5% of whatever you spend from your checking account either towards a credit card balance or into savings. I'm a bit of a cheater, so I am only doing this for the month of February. Her blog also points out SIX (SIX!) savings accounts everyone should have... I don't know about ya'll, but I definitely don't have six and I definitely don't have the right amount of money in the ones that I do have... Going to work on that too.

4. In fact, I'm trying to use more of what I already have. I'm doing so good with this in my bathroom - not so good with it in the kitchen. I have used up a couple bottles in my bathroom and have NOT replaced them with more! I have gotte a little better with the kitchen, but I have been trying to eat more fresh fruits and veggies and avoiding preservative-filled pastas that are stacked tall in the pantry. I'm getting there though! Slowly, but surely.

5. Ahhh. My house. I finished painting the basement! I got my stairwell painted (it looks so much better!) I have a couple thrifted pieces of furniture and have actually looked into refinishing them (spring projects)!