Monday, February 1, 2016


Lose weight.
Save more money.
Travel a little bit.
Grow something edible.
Read 15 books.

Lose Weight - So I go to a 9Round gym. It's fun and easy and different every day. I go with one of my friends and it is great motivation to go. I bought this little thing called a MyZone - a fitness tracker I wear while I am there. My gym has a connection with the MyZone and it pops up on a TV while i am working out - how much effort I am exerting, how many calories I have burned, my heart rate, etc. It definitely gives me more motivation to work harder and faster. On average, I burn 400 calories in a 35-ish minute workout. And I feel good doing it. Bam.

Save more money - I know I am only a month into the year, but I am still doing it! 5% tax on purchases goes into savings. Done. No clothing purchases at all for January or February. I did this in January! It was such a good thing to do. I often would find myself bored and walking around Target, buying things I didn't need. There were a couple times when I was just bored so I thought about going to buy something... and then I didn't! Hooray!

Travel a little bit - Hasn't happened yet. But looks like I will be having adventures in May, June and July. Good thing I'm saving money.

Grow something edible - Obviously isn't happening in January. But it will happen this year!

Read 15 books - I've already read 3! I'm ahead of schedule! (and I'm almost done with my fourth...)

Not too shabby so far.