Friday, February 3, 2017

It's already February!

Pay off credit cards.
Go to the gym.
Look into more schooling.
Eat less meat.
Do little things around the house.
Read 20 books.

Pay off credit cards. I'm working on it! I've actually made considerable progress. I did the thing where I only give myself so much cash and use that before any of my cards (including my debit card). It actually has kept my spending in check, even though I get nervous having cash on me (what if I lose my wallet? What if I get robbed?!)

Go to the gym. Uhhhh. I'd say I gave this about 50% in January. I can paint this with a bunch of excuses, but they aren't good ones. I should have done better.

Look into more schooling. I did this! I looked into a master's program - yikes. I really don't want to move on to another degree. I know it will make me a more competitive candidate for other positions, but ugh. I did look into some graduate certificates, which I'm leaning towards a bit more. They are awfully expensive though.

Eat less meat. I've actually done pretty well here too. I haven't hit the goal of having 1 day a week that's completely meatless. But I'm getting there! I've made myself more conscious of what I'm eating, where I'm eating, when I'm eating, etc. I've been pretty disappointed in myself, which is a crappy way to feel. I know I can do better.

Do little things around the house. Sort of... *shrug* - it's been too cold outside to really get things done. However, I did do some stuff inside that I have been putting off for a while - like cleaning up my "office", going through my closet, etc. I have a list of things I want to do this summer (especially working on a raised bed garden) like hunt down this mole that has been tearing up my yard, fix up my deck, etc.

Read 20 books. This might be a little lofty. I have a lot going on with school this semester and I am hopefully starting a PRN nursing position soon. I have picked up some fun stuff from the library though, which makes me happy.

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