Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's October!

Lose weight.
Save more money.
Travel a little bit.
Read 16 books.

Lose weight - Sort of back on track. Went to 9Round a couple times before vacation, rode bikes on the trail with Logan a couple times (PS, who remembers bike seats being so ungodly uncomfortable when they were kids? Holy hell. It's awful.), we walked almost 40 miles in the four days we were on vacation (and that includes the day we drove/flew until 1 p.m.) I didn't have any soda while on vacation. Or any fancy coffee drinks. I DID have a frozen butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which is probably what the clouds of heaven are made of and did not help my plan of losing weight.

Save more money - Well. Shoot.

Travel a little bit - YES! YES! WE DID IT. Logan and I went to Orlando in September. We went to Universal Studios for 1-1/2 days and to Disney's Magic Kingdom for one. We had so much fun! We rode on roller coasters and 3-D rides. We met Beetlejuice, Tinkerbell, Woody & Jessie from Toy Story, and a Velociraptor from Jurassic Park. We drank Butterbeer in the Hogsmeade portion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal. We rode the Hogwarts Express to and from both sides of the park. We shot laser guns at aliens on the Men In Black ride. We shopped at the Kwik E Mart. We helped the Transformers find the All Spark and then did something with Spiderman (I don't remember what the goal of that ride was.) We conquered both Space Mountain and Splash Mountain (Big Thunder Mountain was closed). We were creeped out in It's A Small World and didn't get to ride Peter Pan's Flying Adventure or the Seven Dwarves Mine Train (the waits on these rides was INSANE). After we watched the fantastic fireworks at Magic Kingdom, we went to Disney Springs and ate a delicious dinner at The Boathouse. (Lots of alliteration in this monthly update). I'll be able to cross this goal off my list.

Read 16 books - Well. Turns out I'm not as into this Neil Gaiman book as everyone else I know was. Probably because I started reading it, took a two week break, and just haven't picked it back up again. I'm still on track with reading 16 books though!

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