Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2016

Lose weight.
Save more money.
Read 16 books.

Lose weight - Not even a little bit. If anything, I got way worse in October. I was promoted to a new position, which caused quite a bit of excitement, but then quite a bit of nervousness and stress. So I did not treat my body well in October.

Save more money - Also did not treat my bank account well in October.

Read 16 books - I also did not finish American Gods because I just having been as into it as everyone else. I think it's a good story, but then there are some strange applicable tangents that are distracting. Not to mention this new job I started and school this semester has really wiped me out this month. Pretty sure all I have done the last two weeks is wake up and go to work, eat something unhealthy for dinner, and sleep only to wake up and do it all over again.

I plan on November being a better month. I'm getting into the swing of my new position (which came with a pay increase, so hopefully "save more money" will be a feasible goal for 2017), I'm working on getting ahead of school this week to get a bit ahead of the game instead a little behind the game. I'm hoping to finish this book this weekend and move onto something I like a bit more. Harumphf.

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