Tuesday, May 10, 2016

OMG it's already May

Lose weight.
Save more money.
Travel a little bit.
Grow something edible.
Read 15 books.

Lose weight - lolololol. I was doing REALLY good there for a minute. I was going to the gym all the time and drinking tons of water and taking those supplements and drinking my shakes and doing the things I said I was going to do. Until I wasn't anymore. Work got busy and overtime got busy and I started slacking. Such is life. I haven't completely given up though! I have been cooking a lot more at home and avoiding soda. I just need to get back on that train.

Save more money - a funny thing happens when you buy a new piece of (much needed) furniture. What will inevitably happen is you will need to buy a new lawn mower. And probably a new washing machine. So instead of just spending $400 on a new dresser (it's beautiful and mature and waaaaaay better than my piece of children's furniture from Value City Furniture's clearance room) you will also spend $400 on a new lawn mower and $600 on a new washing machine. I always buy things that will last. Except for my last washer and dryer that I got really cheap from a resident who was moving. You get what you pay for. My lawn mower served a good 6 year sentence and was sent away to live with a man who likes to tinker with small engines. Either way. Vacation + dresser + mower + washing machine = not so good on the ole savings account. :(

Travel a little bit - HELL YES. This is happening this month! Probably the only legit vacation I will go on aside from my little road trip in June and maybe something tiny in September/October. I'm so happy about this trip though. I'm 31 and just got my passport. I'll actually get to use it!

Grow something edible - No joke. Planted my spinach pod and pepper seeds on Wednesday. Now I get to see if any of them will actually sprout. Turns out, I was supposed to start the pepper seeds about 2 months ago inside under a grow lamp kept at 85 degrees. That most certainly did not happen. BUT, I have a handful of other little plants I am going to get squared away. I WILL HAVE A GREEN THUMB, DAMMIT.

Read 15 books - I have read 5 for the year. I have one coming to read this month for a book club, I have one picked out for my vacation. I need to read the last 30 pages of the Soul of an Octopus (I started off loving that book and ended up dreading reading it.) I don't think this resolution will be hard to stick to though.

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