Monday, May 30, 2016


Lose weight.
Save more money.
Travel a little bit.
Grow something edible.
Read 15 books.

Lose weight - Perhaps I didn't eat the healthiest while on vacation in May. But we walked our asses off. One day we walked 10 miles! My feet kicked my ass that day. I'm back to wearing my fitbit and the hospital is putting on another walking challenge - another good source of motivation. JR and I have a plan to go to the gym 3 of our 4 days off/week. I am starting to do my supplements and shakes again. I am also sticking with my nerdy gold-sticker calendar to remind me how hard I can work! I have to do better. I WANT to do better.

Save more money - I'm back on track with this too. I couldn't figure out why I was getting little fees on my savings accounts - I had three of them - turns out, I wasn't meeting the minimum balance requirement like I thought I was. Over the last year, I have lost almost $100 because of those damn fees! With the absolute crap interest rate you get on a savings account balance and the fees I was getting, I'm actually better off putting money in a piggy bank or stuffing it under my mattress. I closed two of them and am keeping one of them (above the minimum balance) for my emergency fund. Those other little savings accounts they say to have - I'm opening a couple of those accounts in the bank under my mattress. Still doing the 5% self-imposed tax though. I'll be interested to see how much I save over the year doing that.

Travel a little bit - DID IT. My brother's family was kind enough to invite me to Mexico and I was able to join in on their family trip. We only spent 4 days/4 nights there, but it was a blast! We got to go into the "market" (aka tourist trap) for a few hours, which was cool. We also went on a snorkel excursion and got to explore a cave and a cenote, which was super cool and something i will probably not get to do here in the US. Probably not in Missouri at least. Next month, JR and I are going to Tennessee for a little road trip. August we are going to go on a work-family vacation to the beach! I'll get to see my dad and step-mom and lounge on the beach. And wear tons and tons of sunscreen.

Grow something edible - Dude. DUDE. I was all "I'm going to grow a pot of spinach". That turned into me getting a pod of spinach. And some more pots. And then I thought i would make my deck a little more comfortable in terms of getting rid of the mosquitoes. And then my niece told me that the little flower shop on campus was having a plant sale. So I bought some basil. And some peppermint. And some flowers. and some catnip. And then I needed to go buy a couple pots for them. And when I was there I bought some daisies and some strawberry plants. !!! I like my cute little backyard garden though. It will look so lonely out there in the fall when I have to bring it all in.

Read 15 books - I am right on track! I am currently finishing The Martian by Andy Weir and am starting Creepers for the book club I am joining this month! I only have two weeks to read it - it seems breezy enough though - so I need to get hustling!

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