Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Showers!

25% of the year is over. Whoa.

Lose weight.
Save more money.
Travel a little bit.
Grow something edible.
Read 15 books.

Lose Weight - So in March I went to Supplement Superstore and talked with a young man named Phillip. Phillip is a mighty good salesman. I went in with my mind on one thing - magic beans that will make me hot and thin and healthy in like, a month. When Phillip started his whole, "tell me about your diet plan and your exercise plan and what you drink and what you do" schpeal, I wanted to roll my eyes. I probably did roll my eyes. But I fell into the sales trap. I spent more money than I intended, but I think I am seeing some results. I definitely don't have such strong cravings. And I definitely have been eating better. I have cut back on soda again (I think I've only had soda twice in the month of March) and significantly reduced starbucks trips (I was going pretty frequently in February). I have been KILLING drinking enough water. With the little plan Phillip put me on, I have to drink 100 oz of water every day. My personal goal was to drink 70 oz, so even if I don't meet Phillip's goal, I meet mine. I pee a lot, but that's okay.

Save more money - Yep yep yep. Still doing it! I ended up having some unplanned expenses in March (Supplement Superstore trip included and I found a vintage dresser that came from heaven). BUT I am still saving! I need to remember that one of my savings accounts is supposed to be for those big spending items we all have on occasion - like a new dresser or lawn mower. Just because I tap into one of those doesn't mean I have failed!

Travel a little bit - Vacation! Vacation! Vacation! I'm such a sucker for vacations! I don't understand how people don't like to travel. And I am a total homebody. I would rather be home than out and about most days, but dang it I like going on vacations. I didn't really start going on vacations until my divorce. And now I go on more than one a year. I'm trying to be a little more responsible with spending on this one though. I went a little over the top with DC last year. But... VACATION.

Grow something edible - I cleared out my flower pots on my deck and (hopefully) destroyed all the weeds in my front flowerbed. I wish there was a way to just destroy all of it and start from scratch, but there all bulbs all over the damn place in the front flowerbeds. I plan on growing some mosquito repelling plants to grow on the deck where my deck chairs are. That'll make it a little more bearable. That's what I was checking out when the heavens shined upon me and delivered the most angelic vintage dresser. (Tangent: my dresser sucked. I bought a dresser in 2008-ish from Value City Furniture. It was on clearance bc the mirror was broken. So I took the mirror off and just had a dresser. It was made from pressed wood, was pastel green, and clearly for a child's room. Not cute for a woman in her thirties. Then I go to Helmie's looking for plants and there is a dresser. While it was more than I wanted to spend that day, it was more than reasonable for the quality of furniture it is. And it makes my bedroom look a little more grown up - in a good way.)

Read 15 books - I joined a book club again! They meet monthly, so I will get at least one book in every month if I enjoy it. I am trying to expand my reading choices a little more, get out of my comfort zone. In March I read a book written by a surgeon and I am currently reading a historical fiction novel, both are not choices I would normally make. Sometimes it's nice to get out of your comfort zone.

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