Monday, November 30, 2015

December Update

1. Eat healthier, be more active, lose weight. I have actually done pretty darn good about this in November. Killing it at 9Round (signed up for a YEAR membership!), cut back my starbucks to only twice a week (once on my days off, once on my work days), eating more meals at home, drinking shakeology every day (I have SO much shakeology!) I did start sipping on soda more... Gotta cut it out!

2. Read more. Ehhhhhhhh. Not so much. I had a goal to read 12 books this year. May not happen. Mandy gave me a couple recommendations for short books I can crank out in a couple days - I plan on checking those out. I still need to read 4 more! I would like to read 15 in 2016.

3. Save more money. Better than I was in September and October. Eating more meals at home helps this a lot. And so does cutting back on starbucks. I thought Kellianne was going to move out in December, so that spooked me a little bit and I signed up for extra hours. I picked up quite a few extra hours for the holidays.

4. In fact, I'm trying to use more of what I already have. Yes! Finally a resolution that I have stuck with all year long! My shower space and laundry counter space is proof! Now I need to tackle the stuff in my pantry.

5. Ahhh. My house. Ugh. My house. I am trying to pay off my windows quicker. Throwing a couple extra bucks at the payments every month. I love love love my windows. I love seeing a reasonable electricity bill and having an actual, functioning latch lock on my sliding glass doors. But dang it I hate paying for them!

6. Traveling. No big travel plans in the works just yet. I think 2016 will be a trip in March and maybe a little trip in the fall. Nothing crazy though (See goal number 3).

I guess next month I will be creating a couple new goals for 2016! Or maybe I will actually hold myself accountable for these again.

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