Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I know you!!!!

Before I graduated with my second degree (the one that I actually use now in my profession), I worked at a law firm. Right down the street from the law firm was this seemingly dingy, hole-in-the-wall chinese/vietnamese food restaurant. And I love it. It is cash-only and so so so so tasty.

The girls I work with and I would go at least once a week. It was that damn good (and economical!)

It got to the point where the gentleman working at the front counter who would take our orders would know us just by our order (even when we were calling it in!) It would go like this:

Guy: Chinese Wok Express.
Me: Can I place an order for pick up?
Guy: Go ahead.
Me: I would like chicken w/ broccoli w/ white rice -
Guy: Hi. How are you?
Me: I'm good. And-
Guy: I know. Crab rangoon and soda to go.
Me: Yep! Thanks.
Guy: $5.75. Be ready 10 minutes.

I LOVE that he remembers me. I don't work downtown anymore. I am no longer 1 block away from the best chinese food in town. Actually, it isn't even on my way home and I don't get off in time to go there before they close for the night. So when I do get to go (like today) - it is a magical little treat. And the guy still knows me!

It makes my day!

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