Friday, June 30, 2017

Oh hello, July!

Pay off credit cards.
Go to the gym.
Look into more schooling.
Eat less meat.
Do little things around the house.
Read 20 books.

Pay off credit cards. I will be working on this all fucking year.

Go to the gym. I still suck. I am actually dreading going to the gym. It has been so long, I'm worried I will be so bad at it. I will wear myself out, I will be sore and winded and then I won't want to go again. I need to get over it though and just go.

Eat less meat. Still on track. Actually better than I thought I would be doing!

Look into more schooling. There is a pretty good chance I will start a graduate certificate next year. I started looking into them and there is one I am pretty interested in - the Participatory Health Research graduate certificate seems pretty cool. I just don't know if it would be *worth it* though.

Do little things around the house. We fixed the deck in May/June! I still have some touching up to do - I need to buy another gallon of this paint stuff we used, but since it's so hot out, I will probably do it in September after it cools down. It's just too hot to do anything right now. BUT the broken boards are fixed!

Read 20 books. I actually think I am "on track" right now with this one - I got sucked into a couple TV shows that ate up more of my evening free time than I planned. I'm usually not much of a TV watcher, but the Handmaid's Tale really got me. (I read the book this year too). I'll for sure read 20 books this year though!

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