Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Update

1. Keep kicking ass at 9Round
2 Finish reading two books that I started in August
3. Clean house super well
4. Pay off credit cards (I'm so close!)
5. Clean out flower beds
6. Feel better about myself.

1. Eat healthier, be more active, lose weight. I've still been going to 9round a couple times a week. I wouldn't say I'm really eating healthier, but I'm trying. I went on vacation last week and really set myself up to fail. When I go to DC next month I am going to bring some healthier foods so I don't totally destroy everything good I have done.

2. Read more. I had so many plans to read on the beach. And then I forgot my cool beach chair. And there were flies biting me. So I didn't read very much.

3. Save more money. Back in the swing of things! I picked up an extra shift here and there so hopefully this will be easier this month. I need to keep my souvenirs in check when I go to DC.

4. In fact, I'm trying to use more of what I already have. Still doing well at this! I haven't had to buy laundry detergent or conditioner in over a year! I'm starting to do this more with my pantry and freezer. I didn't think I would develop such a strange habit (buying things before I really need to and then having an abundant supply), but looking back at my mom's hoarding habits, I'm really not surprised.

5. Ahhh. My house. I'm hosting a baby shower in two weeks. I need to tidy some shit up. My flower beds look horrible and are covered in weeds. I need to do those things that polish my house up a little. I did finally (FINALLY) rearrange my "office" so it is more user friendly. I am going to check out a couple office chairs to get for my table. The wood chair I have is definitely not comfortable enough.

6. Traveling. Sarah and I booked our condo for DC. I finally used I have looked at them a few times for imaginary vacations (Remember my plan to go to Orlando for my 30th bday? Lol lol) but never actually pulled the trigger. Hotels in DC are bananas expensive. Like, more than $100 a night for a shitty motel that is far away from everywhere. We found a couple places using airbnb and other websites that are the same concept. What's shitty is when you find a place that is awesome and get a reasonable quote and then go to book it and there is an extra $250 in "charges and taxes". We finally found a condo with no hidden charges or fees for $400 for 5 days and nights. We will have to drive to a metro and then take that everywhere, but we kind of planned on that when we decided to drive. Like I said, DC is kind of expensive. LUCKILY, almost everything we want to see and do is free!

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