Friday, September 7, 2012

oh the great world spins

I got out of my reading funk! Hooray!

And then my little world was flipped onto its top. Life has taken a strange turn, strange indeed.

I don't think anyone actually reads my blog (I don't blame anyone, it isn't very interesting nor do I post regularly - i swear this is not a pity party about my lack of readers), but I ask anyone who does, anyone at all, one simple request. Never apologize for your independence. Never feel bad because you are independent. Never feel guilty because you can stand on your own two feet and keep fighting.

(enter Beyonce song here. Or Adele. She's all over the place lately.)

Once my life gets a little bit more settled and I don't feel like I am walking under water, I will read more. and then I'll post about it. Hell, maybe I will post an actual book review or something.

1 comment:

  1. Or write a book. Cause I would read it. You're a wonderful, beautiful, independent woman, and an inspiration. :)