Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Update

June Goals:
1. Finish two books
2. Open two more savings accounts
3. Get my stuff out of basement

1. Eat healthier, be more active, lose weight. I haven't had a soda to drink in over 11 days! I thought about cutting back and limiting my intake and blah blah blah, but the thing is, I'll end up drinking one. And then I'll drink one/day. And then I'll drink one/day at home and order it at a restaurant. Me + soda intake = slippery slope. So I'm trying to cut it out all together. I have hit the trail a few times, taken the dogs on long walks around the neighborhood. I slipped up and ate fast food a couple times, but I'm back on track with that too.

2. Read more. I will finish at least two books in June. New goal! If I can read 52 books in a year (long, long time ago), surely I can read 2 books in the month of June.

3. Save more money. Doing it! These savings challenges that I am doing are paying off (har har, get it?) I have cut out using my credit card for everyday purchases and unnecessary shopping trips. I continue to put a certain amount in my savings accounts each month and continue to put 5% of my daily purchases into savings too. I'll have my emergency account stocked up by the end of the year and have my vacation fund replenished too. Another June goal is to open two more savings accounts (one for annual vet bills so those don't take a big hit from my checking account and another for a rainy day (see "Ahhh. My house.")

4. In fact, I'm trying to use more of what I already have. I'm still pretty impressed with myself with this resolution. I threw away another empty shampoo bottle just the other day. And then, instead of going and buying a new shampoo, I pulled out a stocked and hoarded bottle from under the bathroom sink. By the end of the year, my shower will be empty! (And then I can celebrate by going out and buying MORE SHOWER STUFF! YAYYYYY!)

5. Ahhh. My house. That's it. I have a black thumb. All of my succulents have died. I kid you not. I put them outside for direct sunlight and then I forget and overnight it rains. Or I forget to put them outside and they don't get enough sun. BUT my tomatoes are growing! I have little blossoms! I don't know if I should just leave them in the pot they are in or attempt to replant. I worry my replanting may be the death of it. In other house news, Kellianne starting moving some furniture in when she moved out of the dorms. I really need to get my ass in gear and clean out my things from the basement (another June goal!)

6. Traveling. I'm adding this to my list of resolutions/goals. If I were to die tomorrow, one of my biggest regrets on my death bed would be that I haven't seen enough of this world. Hell, I haven't even seen enough of this country. I have been to 17 states. I'm thirty years old. I'm ashamed of my lack of traveling. My parents didn't travel much when I was growing up. We would vacation to my grandparents' house. We went to Florida once with my dad. When he moved to Alabama, that was the trip we made every year. I was always kind of a scaredy cat to travel much in college. I didn't really start traveling to new places until about 5 years ago.

One of my savings accounts is dedicated to traveling/vacations. I may not have a fancy house or a fancy car. Almost my entire wardrobe is from Old Navy or Target. But dammit, I go on vacations. I go on at least two trips a year. And I don't want that to stop. Last year was New York and Orlando. This year has been Las Vegas in April, Omaha last week. Hopefully Washington, DC in October (Sarah and I have officially taken vacation time!) I would like one of my trips for 2016 to be an out-west roadtrip.

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