Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1. Eat healthier, be more active, lose weight. Oh brother, oh brother. This hasn't gotten much better. I was on a really good roll there for a while. I didn't drink but maybe 2 sodas for the whole month of January. And then I drank a little during February and now I'm drinking them again on the regular. Gotta quit that shit. I didn't go to the gym for the entire MONTH of February. I went last week and my legs were KILLING me. I'm going to go again tonight and again either tomorrow evening or Thursday evening.

2. Read more. - Nope.

3. Save more money. Aside from some annoying incidentals I had to pay for with my house and my car (flat tire, plumber, etc) I'm doing pretty good. I haven't gone and bought clothes or makeup or anything like that for a while. I have been buying more decorative stuff for my house though, which has started to cost a little bit here and there.

4. In fact, I'm trying to use more of what I already have. Getting better, but still not where I need to be!

5. Ahhh. My house. My basement has been finished for over a month and my painting table is still sitting downstairs covered in paint supplies. I just keep walking past it and ignoring the mess. I should probably do something about it this spring. I also need to clean out my garage, spruce up the basement patio and knock down a whole bunch of spiderwebs that are all over my front porch. I planted some succulents (I know it takes absolutely no work at all, but it made me feel like I did something). I have plans to plant some tomatoes in a big pot this summer and maybe actually plant some pretty somethings in the pots that live next to the garage (which I might move).

So basically I have sucked on all of my resolutions for the last 6 weeks. Whomp whomp.

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